Friday, 7 June 2013

Resplendant Cholla

Apart from their fearsome spiny reputation the various cholla species are not the most flamboyant of plants, that is until they burst into flower. This one was smothered in blooms and the hummingbirds were loving it.


eileeninmd said...

lovely blooms, any plant that attracts hummers is great to me! Have a great weekend!

Guy said...

Hi Celeste

This is a lovely plant, the colours are wonderful, and if it attracts hummingbirds as well what a plus.


Celeste said...

I totally agree Eileen, while I am happy to put up feeders I am always pleased to have native plants in the yard that provide what the birds need.

Celeste said...

You are so right Guy. Although I occasionally fall foul of their fearsome spines, I do love having lots of different Chollas in my yard.

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