Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Back To Basics

When I first started this blog I would just post an image with a brief description. This meant that in a life that seems determined to thwart my attempts to make time for blogging I could still get it done. Over the months I have gotten into the habit of making longer posts and telling stories which, while fun, takes much longer to get done. This blog was only ever meant to be a pictorial record of happenings on our land so I am going to attempt to get back to basics and hopefully this will mean I will be better about posting more regularly.


This was a kitchen drama - my friend Kathie and I were sitting drinking tea and chatting when there was a sickening thud on the kitchen window. We both rushed to see what had happened and discovered that a Sharp-shinned Hawk had driven a hapless Gambel's Quail into the window and then leapt upon the poor stunned creature. Lunch was served and we had a grandstand view.


Kathie Brown said...

Well done, Celeste! That was quite a show that evening!

Rohrerbot said...

While you drank tea, someone drank blood!!! Cool moment shared between you both. I'd like to say congrats on the views....but I'm torn;)

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