Saturday, 26 May 2012

There Be Dragons

As well as the prodigious number of saguaro blossoms that I mentioned in my last post, this seems to be a great spring for lizards too. We always see lizards draped about on various rocks absorbing the heat they need to put a spring in their step but over the past few weeks it seems there are lizards everywhere, to the point where we have to be careful where we tread.

As you know, I am a great fan of the much maligned reptile group so I am most happy to welcome these scaly characters into our yard. Especially when they are as spectacularly colourful as this particular individual.

Clearly he was quite aware of just how splendid he looked as he, very obligingly, allowed me to photograph him from numerous angles. For all you lady Desert Spiny Lizards out there, this could be the man for you!!

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