Sunday, 13 May 2012

Nature Red in Beak and Talon

I have seen many predators hunt, kill and feed in my life but the strange mixture of excitement and sorrow never varies when witnessing the harsh cycle of life first hand.

The hunter, ever vigilant scans the area not missing a single detail

A study in focus and concentration, his existence depends upon his success

 Suddenly he spots a target and faster than thought he takes to the air, disappears from view and then, returns, victorious!

 The end is swift and a male Gambell's Quail has breathed his last so that the hawk may continue to thrive

 What was until recently a living being now is transformed into sustenance, held in place by brutal talons and skillfully carved by razor sharp beak.

 Though it may not always be easy to watch it is, after all, life.

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