Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Did You See This?

My husband had strolled up and down this particular path in our yard a couple of times before I got to it on this particular day. People sometimes ask, how did you see that? and when it comes to sleeping snakes it is usually not so much a case of seeing the snake exactly, more like seeing something is different. So when I came to walk up the path, I noticed an unusually brown rock on the border. Oh hello! Did you see this? What? I won't tell you what my husband said when I pointed it out but I bet you can guess!

This little beauty stayed put all day, even when a couple of quail almost tripped over it and didn't slide off until after dark when a second rattler cruised past. I am thinking these will probably be the last two snakes I will see for the season.


Kathie Brown said...

Celeste, I can only imagine Dom's reaction. He is lucky to have you! Pretty snake, but I would not want to get too close to it either!

Celeste said...

You are one of the few people who have a good idea of what Dominick would say!! I am sure your guess is pretty accurate ;)

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