Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I Love Monsoon Season

When the rains come to the desert every living thing seems to celebrate. When the fearsome dark clouds finally offload their moisture there is a collective sigh of relief as the temperature briefly dips and everything is refreshed.

We become complacent about the endless days of clear, perfect blue skies so when the rain clouds roll in the novelty is much appreciated.

It also seems to be a time when the more reclusive inhabitants put in an appearance. This was the first time I had seen Ladder-backed Woodpeckers in my yard and a pair of them spent most of the morning outside my kitchen window.

The Cholla make the most of the rains to push out their delicate pink blossoms, quite out of keeping with the rest of their fearsomely spiny structure.

I always go amphibian hunting in the evening after the rain and this beautiful little Red-spotted Toad obligingly put in an appearance to ensure my efforts were not in vain.

I remember being so shocked to see a fungus sprouting quite vigorously in the Sahara Desert when I traveled there so I suppose I shouldn't have been so surprised to see this splendid specimen pop up in my yard.

There are always a vast array of lizard species scuttling around but it is unusual for the shy Zebra-tailed Lizard to stay still long enough for a photo. No prizes for guessing why it got it's name!

Of course with rains come numerous bugs of every shape and size and with them the appearance of their predators. This beautiful Arizona Blonde Tarantula lives in my back yard and always appears after rainfall to catch supper when darkness arrives.

And for those of you who prefer furry things that are warm blooded and have a skeleton, this Round-tailed Ground Squirrel sat in front of our office window and did some very thorough ablutions during a morning rain shower.

Yes, I think it would be true to say that I am not the only one who loves Monsoon Season.

Nature Notes hosted by Michelle at Rambling Woods.


Rambling Woods said...

I am sure that every living thing is happy..I know I was when we finally got some rain..Love all the creatures..and I don't go looking for toads and frogs at night, but they seem to find me and scare me sometimes when I am walking..Michelle

eileeninmd said...

I have heard of your monsoon season. The clouds bring in rain but also cooler weather to the area. I loved all your critters. Wonderful photos.

Anonymous said...

When we were stationed in Arizona (Fort Huachucua)...we arrived at night...during monsoon season....and driving in and seeing the light show with the mountains as a backdrop was utterly the most beautiful sight in the world!! I loved monsoon season while we were there...just like I love the rainy season here.

Nature Rambles said...

Your photos are beautiful!!

Celeste said...

Hi Michelle,
I know the frogs can be a little startling if they suddenly hop out of the darkness! :)

Celeste said...

Thanks Eileeninmd,
There is a wonderful freshness after a good monsoon storm.

Celeste said...

What a wonderful introduction to AZ Danielle, you were blessed :)

Celeste said...

Thanks Nature Rambles :)

Kathie Brown said...

Celeste, wow! What a variety of creatures you captured with your camera! That little ground squirrel looks like he could be arrested for indecent exposure or something if he were a human, LOL!

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