Sunday, 21 April 2013

Doing Our Bit

Recently when we purchased some cactii from our favourite supplier he gave us a free baby Saguaro. We had planted all the other plants and were undecided about where to put the little Saguaro. When small, these cactii need a shade plant to grow under to protect them from the harshest of desert sun until they get bigger and stronger. We have an old Saguaro skeleton half way up our land that is a favourite sundown spot for us and so it came to me, why not plant the new Saguaro near to it? There is a mesquite tree that will fill the role of shade plant perfectly and, all things being equal, in about one hundred and fifty years we will have replaced our fallen friend. Nothing like planning ahead!


Kathie Brown said...

Good thinking! We planted a couple out in the bright sunlight of our old yard in Sycamore Canyon and I fear they are not doing well because they do not have that "nurse plant!"

Celeste said...

They do seem to do so much better that way. We 'inherited' a few that had been planted in full sun and they really do struggle to survive.

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