Saturday, 12 January 2013

Kitchen Window Birding

It is COLD! Usually at this time of year the gulf stream dips down round the great lake region delivering an icy blast direct from Canada to folks in the Midwest. But just to be different, the gulf stream is currently way further west and bringing a big chill right into the Southwest.
The birds are eating a lot in order to fend off this cold weather and it is a full time job keeping all the feeders filled. I have several feeders outside my kitchen window so I can still enjoy my feathered friends even when I don't feel like braving the elements.

The Cardinal and the Pyrrhuloxia usually visit together. One will fly in, grab a couple of seeds and then be chased off by the other and so they go back and forth, back and forth.

The Northern Mockingbird pushes all the other birds away when he visits and stands proud to have his meal.

But even the mockingbird takes cover when this guy swoops in.

All these photos were taken at my kitchen sink - very distracting and guaranteed to make washing the dishes take twice as long!


Rohrerbot said...

Love your pictures:) You have such cool birds in your yard! They ate so much today! Brrrrrr......cold!

eileeninmd said...

Wow, great yardbirds and beautiful photos. Happy Birding!

Celeste said...

Thanks Chris, I could just stand and stare all day long :)

Celeste said...

Thanks Eileen, happy birding for you too :)

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