Saturday, 1 September 2012


All the jokes have been made about how quickly they reproduce and maybe if I was planning on ploughing up my beautiful desert landscape and planting lots of vegetables I would be less keen on these little guys but for me they are just a part of a balanced ecosystem. If all the predators were to disappear, heaven forbid, then I am sure we would be very quickly over run but thankfully we have a strong population of snakes, hawks, owls, bobcats and coyotes so all is well.

So I can happily watch the rabbits foraging outside the office window without being concerned about priceless petunias.

And when the little babies appear I don't moan at the thought of lost plants

Instead I respect these little fluffy bundles for surviving in such a harsh climate where food is scarce and danger is plentiful

And if they do appear to be multiplying at this time of year I know that is natures plan, to keep others fed.

I enjoy their long-eared antics and who can resist this little one?


Warren said...

great pics / series!

Celeste said...

Thanks Warren, have a great week :)

Kathie Brown said...

Well said Celeste and such cuties!

Celeste said...

You know me Kathie - I'll share my yard with anything as long as it's not human :) With VERY few exceptions!!!

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